merete matthiesen yogalærer og kropsterapeut  CVR 30886720 merete@yoyoga.dk  tlf: 29219902 mobilepay 83624


When laying in streching poses I massage you, while you are getting your stretches.

It makes the streches and massage more intensive and can be more specific regarding what your issues are...

PRICE 900 dk.kr./ 1 hour

PRICE 1350 dk.kr./ 1,5 hour

mobilepay: 83624 - or cash



Our bodies develop through our lives

from what kind of life we live and which paths we choose.


By time, the body expresses the life we have lived and are living.

It is exposed to life and the life can be read in the body - and felt....


Let me touch you so you can feel yourself in a different way, probably it will be a releasing experience.


I am a trained ManuVision therapeut.

It is  a holostic way of bodywork which works intensive and invasive, gentle and intuitive with your bodys landscape.


I work with akupressure, and connective tissue, meridians, massage,

 zonetheraphy, gentleness and kindness and consistent pressure


PRICE 900 dk.kr./ 1 hour

PRICE 1350 dk.kr./ 1,5 hour

 mobilepay: 83624 - or cash


Location for behandling er p.t.:

 NOR.HOUSE    Hejrevej 30 3. sal 2400 NV



Holer Danskes vej 3 b

2000 FRB





I teach companies intern before and after workhours.

Weekly, daily -  or as an event or a 3 timers try-out.

I partners I can mention Sticks n Sushi, Mc Kinsey,

Siemens, Coop, Atea, Sundhedsstyrelsen

Call for further information tel: 29219902



If you need single-classes that is an option too.

 Practice with breathing-exercises (pranayama) or yoga og bodywork.

Stress, anxeity or other bodily dilemmas

PRICE 900 dk.kr./ 1 hour

PRICE 1350 dk.kr./ 1,5 hour

 mobilepay: 83624 - or cash

CANCELLING 24 hrs before - otherwise full price or you are welcome to send at friend instead of yourself.


Breathing-techniques and knowledge of your muscles around your breth,

can dislove many problems,

and make your everday so much easier - also your digestion

can be "smoother" so to speak...

Stress, regeneration, depression etc.



 Call for further information tel: 29219902






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